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Spanish for Teachers

Spanish for Teachers

Conversational Spanish for Teachers and Educators

We developed a specialized language learning platform, taking you, the professional, into consideration. LanguageAuthority is an online interactive language learning system that allows students to learn essential vocabulary used daily at work. LanguageAuthority is a flexible program that you can access 24/7, leaving you to decide when and where to study as long as you have access to the internet.

This online Spanish for Teachers course features vocabulary and phrases to use during parent-teacher conferences, enrollment, classroom situations, taking attendance, discipline issues, and more. It’s not necessary for you to be fluent to communicate with monolingual, ESL students and their parents. Knowledge of Spanish removes cultural barriers and builds trusting relationships. Spanish for teachers has been created by a certified teacher for educators, administrators, school nurses, coaches, teacher assistants, parent volunteers, and others working in the school system. LanguageAuthority invites you to take a tour of this course to experience how you can enhance your career today!

Are you looking to maintain your teaching credentials through education? Look to our online career Spanish course, Spanish for Teachers, to earn continuing education units (CEUs). Continue your work with Spanish-speaking clientele while at the same time earning CEUs. Through our partner, you can earn 2.0 CEUs for taking 20 hours of Spanish.

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Please verify with your licensing agency that the earned CEUs will be eligible for your program.

¿Entiende Ud. español? If your answer to, "Do you understand Spanish?" is "no," get ready to be left behind. With the surge over the past decade in the Hispanic population in the United States, speaking Spanish is becoming more of a necessity than a choice in many parts of the country. From feedlot managers in Nebraska to New York City stockbrokers, Americans are scrambling to learn a language that is now spoken by many of the 35.3 million Hispanics in the United States.

Deborah Sharp, USA Today

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