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Conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish

Online Spanish for Travelers

Without a doubt, more and more people are traveling to Spanish-speaking countries for business and pleasure. Although English is usually spoken at most commercial hotels and resorts, beyond the gates knowledge of basic Spanish phrases can help you get more out of your travel experience.

When you have a basic understanding of a country's native language, you're able to converse with those who live there in a more relaxed, enjoyable way. As a result, you're more likely to find out about that special restaurant or quaint shop, and discover other enriching travel experiences not found in the travel guidebooks. You may even make new friends you can return to visit one day.

Our interactive, audio-visual Spanish For Travel course provides a comprehensive range of customized Spanish for Travel phrases and vocabulary.

What Will I Learn with Conversational Spanish?

  • At the airport -- from arrival to departure, make reservations and itinerary plans for your stay
  • Sports and activities -- activities, water sports and more
  • I need a doctor -- important things you need to know in case you get sick or need medical help
  • Plus Shopping, Dining Out, Business and technical terms and more

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