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Conversational French
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Unit 2: Numbers

Lesson 1: Numbers 0 through 10


Lesson 2: Numbers 11 through 20


Lesson 3: Numbers 21 through 30


Lesson 4: Numbers 10 through 100


Lesson 5: Numbers 100 through 1000


Lesson 6: Numbers 1000 through 10,000


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 4: Family members and people you meet

Lesson 2: Family members


Lesson 4: Let's be friends


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: When? Dates and times

Lesson 1: The days of the week


Lesson 2: The months of the year


Lesson 3: What day is it today?


Lesson 4: What time is it?


Lesson 5: Time related words


Lesson 6: How is the weather?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 6: Hot and cold. Words that are opposites

Lesson 1: Easy or difficult?


Lesson 2: Same or different?


Lesson 3: Together or alone?


Lesson 6: Before or after?


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 8: At the airport

Lesson 1: At the airport


Lesson 2: On the airplane


Lesson 3: Departure and arrival


Lesson 4: Where is my luggage?


Lesson 5: Where are you going?


Lesson 6: Arriving at your destination


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 12: Going out to a restaurant

Lesson 1: Finding a restaurant


Lesson 4: How you like it


Lesson 7: Going to the grocery store


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 14: Cereals, drinks and more

Lesson 2: Drinks and junk food


Lesson 5: Quantities and containers


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 15: At the beach

Lesson 2: Stuff to bring to the beach


Lesson 4: Let's go swimming


Lesson 5: Watch out for the undertow


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 16: Activities and fitness

Lesson 1: I want to sunbathe


Lesson 4: Some basic activities


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 18: I need a doctor

Lesson 1: I need a doctor


Lesson 2: I think I broke my arm


Lesson 3: Talking to the doctor


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 19: At the office

Lesson 1: Office equipment


Lesson 2: Office supplies


Lesson 3: I am looking for a stapler


Lesson 4: Office furniture


Lesson 5: How long have you worked in this field?


Lesson 6: Looking for work


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

Conversational French Final


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