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Conversational Italian

Conversational Italian

Learn to Speak Italian Online

Learn to speak Italian in just days. You will learn practical, everyday words and phrases that will make your vacation and/or business trip to Italy much more enjoyable. You will read, hear, and practice all your new vocabulary in Italian. Guided by a native Italian instructor, you'll gain cultural knowledge only an insider has. You will be surprised by how quickly and easily you can learn many useful Italian expressions! This course makes it simple to master your pronunciation of Italian.

When you have a basic understanding of a country's native language, you're able to converse with those who live there in a more relaxed, enjoyable way. As a result, you're more likely to find out about that special restaurant or quaint shop, and discover other enriching travel experiences not found in the travel guidebooks. You may even make new friends you can return to visit one day.

Our interactive, audio-visual Conversational Italian course provides a comprehensive range of customized Italian phrases and vocabulary.

What Will I Learn with Conversational Italian?

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Time, calendar and weather
  • Express emotions and ideas
  • Family and relations
  • Shopping and hunting for bargains
  • Transportation, airport, trains, taxis
  • Getting medical help when you are abroad
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Give and receive directions
  • Career, business and office terms
  • Technology and computer jargon
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Animals, critters and nature
  • And much more

Table of Contents: Conversational Italian Course

Unit 1: Hello. How are you?

Lesson 1: Hello
Lesson 2: I can speak a little Italian
Lesson 3: Slow down so I understand you better
Lesson 4: Please and thank you
Lesson 5: Pronouns
Lesson 6: Useful expressions
Lesson 7: I am
Lesson 8: For example
Lesson 9: Like this

Unit 2: Numbers

Lesson 1: Numbers 0 through 10
Lesson 2: Numbers 11 through 20
Lesson 3: Numbers 21 through 30
Lesson 4: Numbers 10 through 100
Lesson 5: Numbers 100 through 1000
Lesson 6: Numbers 1000 through 10,000

Unit 3: Directions and colors

Lesson 1: Come here
Lesson 2: Down the hall
Lesson 3: In which direction?
Lesson 4: What color is it?

Unit 4: Family members and people you meet

Lesson 1: Who is she?
Lesson 2: Family members
Lesson 3: Girl vs. boy
Lesson 4: Let's be friends

Unit 5: When? Dates and times

Lesson 1: The days of the week
Lesson 2: The months of the year
Lesson 3: What day is it today?
Lesson 4: What time is it?
Lesson 5: Time related words
Lesson 6: How is the weather?

Unit 6: Hot and cold. Words that are opposites

Lesson 1: Easy or difficult?
Lesson 2: Same or different?
Lesson 3: Together or alone?
Lesson 4: More or less?
Lesson 5: Happy or sad?
Lesson 6: Before or after?

Unit 7: Parts of the body

Lesson 1: The head
Lesson 2: Your face
Lesson 3: Upper body
Lesson 4: Lower body

Unit 8: At the airport

Lesson 1: At the airport
Lesson 2: On the airplane
Lesson 3: Departure and arrival
Lesson 4: Where is my luggage?
Lesson 5: Where are you going?
Lesson 6: Arriving at your destination

Unit 9: At the hotel

Lesson 1: Checking in
Lesson 2: I need the manager
Lesson 3: I don't have a room
Lesson 4: Time to go
Lesson 5: Emergency expressions

Unit 10: Out and about town

Lesson 1: Out in town
Lesson 2: Where is the museum?
Lesson 3: On the street
Lesson 4: At the bar
Lesson 5: Transportation
Lesson 6: Places to visit

Unit 11: Shopping

Lesson 1: Out Shopping
Lesson 2: Shopping for clothes
Lesson 3: More about clothes
Lesson 4: Shopping for jewelry
Lesson 5: Looking for a sale

Unit 12: Going out to a restaurant

Lesson 1: Finding a restaurant
Lesson 2: At the table
Lesson 3: Ordering food
Lesson 4: How you like it
Lesson 5: Meal time
Lesson 6: Finishing up
Lesson 7: Going to the grocery store

Unit 13: Things you eat

Lesson 1: Fruits
Lesson 2: Vegetables
Lesson 3: More vegetables
Lesson 4: Dairy products
Lesson 5: Meats

Unit 14: Cereals, drinks and more

Lesson 1: At the bakery
Lesson 2: Drinks and junk food
Lesson 3: Seafood
Lesson 4: Condiments
Lesson 5: Quantities and containers

Unit 15: At the beach

Lesson 1: At the beach
Lesson 2: Stuff to bring to the beach
Lesson 3: Sea life
Lesson 4: Let's go swimming
Lesson 5: Watch out for the undertow

Unit 16: Activities and fitness

Lesson 1: I want to sunbathe
Lesson 2: I like to...
Lesson 3: I need to...
Lesson 4: Some basic activities

Unit 17: Animals and critters

Lesson 1: Domestic animals
Lesson 2: Critters along the way
Lesson 3: Bugs!
Lesson 4: Out in the country

Unit 18: I need a doctor

Lesson 1: I need a doctor
Lesson 2: I think I broke my arm
Lesson 3: Talking to the doctor
Lesson 4: I need help

Unit 19: At the office

Lesson 1: Office equipment
Lesson 2: Office supplies
Lesson 3: I am looking for a stapler
Lesson 4: Office furniture
Lesson 5: How long have you worked in this field?
Lesson 6: Looking for work

Unit 20: Office technology

Lesson 1: The internet
Lesson 2: Surfing the net
Lesson 3: Surf and download
Lesson 4: Enter your password
Lesson 5: Computer parts
Lesson 6: Email language
Lesson 7: Email jargon

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