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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Bethpage federal Credit Union

Prior to taking this course, I did take Spanish classes in the early 1970's and then rarely had the need or motivation to speak it. Some of the words are in my memory banks and I can recognize some of the words easily. Like everything else, the conversational script in our daily encounters will be different than the "role play responses " that we expect. I must say that even if I cannot translate my English thoughts into Spanish well, just understanding what someone is saying in Spanish is a big help. What I do in the banking area is way more conversational and detailed. I have to ask many probing questions and it's not transactional in any way. I will say that my translating skills from Spanish to English have improved greatly and in that sense the course was definitely worth it. The speed of the course was good and I'm glad I took it.


My favorite was.....

Very informative to school. I enjoyed the no time limit to figure out the translations. And, I liked the self-paced scenarios. My favorite was "hearing" the pronunciation.

Rita, Lexington Park MD

really enjoyed the Spanish for Teachers course

I really enjoyed the course and all the content it offered in Spanish. I would certainly recommend it to other educators looking to grasp key vocabulary and skills related to using Spanish in the classroom. My only recommendation would be to offer an advanced course in Spanish for teachers.


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