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Sharing with my friends

I Love and enjoy this class so much :) I am telling all of my friends and partners at work about this course. Thanks for checking in with me :)


I'm really enjoying the way the class is set up

It's as easy as how much work I put into it! During the lessons themselves, I like the repetition of each word/phrase (so I have plenty of time to repeat them myself, and it's easy to go back to the previous slide if I need to repeat that word a few more times) and how each lesson is built into manageable chunks. Having the flash cards and games for each lesson and unit are really helpful, and I can squeeze in a game here and there to keep up the practice (a little something is better than nothing!) For me, personally, I started a new job right after I signed up for the class, so I wasn't able to give it the attention needed at first, but being able to sit down for a couple of hours yesterday was great! I feel the vocabulary and phrases are what I I go through each lesson, I make a conscious effort to at least think of situations in my day to day work that each word or phrase applies to, and I try to think in Spanish or translate in my head for those situations later on. For example, I'm an accountant, so now I can think of ingresos y deudas when I'm looking at my revenues and liabilities. I think the class is a great pace for me. If there are words or phrases that I'm already familiar with, I can click through to the next slide instead of waiting for all of the repetitions, or if there is a word that I need a little more help with the pronunciation, I can go back to the previous slide, or even re-do the whole lesson if I need to. I'm really enjoying the way the class is set up! Muchas gracias para todo!


French was better for my trip to Europe

Bonjour Adriana-Just returned from my 2 1/2 weeks in Europe. I was able to use simple French more easily because I brushed up using this course. At least they knew I was trying and I felt more welcomed! Thanks again for your help. Merci


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